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00:01 – Phonics Song
03:05 – Shapes Song
04:49 – Opposite Words
05:57 – Numbers Song
07:24 – Colors Song
11:25 – Emotion Song
14:40 – Finger Family
15:46 – Five Little Babies
17:50 – Johny Johny
18:40 – Miss Polly
20:05 – Three Little Kittens
22:05 – Crayons Finger Family
23:56 – This Old Man
25:41 – Five Little Monkeys
27:15 – This Little Piggy
29:00 – Finger Family Numbers
30:50 – Five Little Fruits
32:50 – Ten In The Bed
35:09 – Miss Polly
36:28 – Teddy Bear Song
37:44 – Old Macdonald
40:37 – Rig A Jig
42:19 – Chubby Cheeks
43:06 – Alphabet Finger Family

With Kids Tv, you can be assured that, all learning is fun learning. Take the Phonics Song, for example. Who would've thought that the ABC song could be so much fun, with all of them dancing along with their objects. Let's make this rhyme time fun, by playing a little game, shall we babies? We'll tell you the alphabet, and you tell us what object goes with it, but make sure you do it before our friends from the rhymes. Let us give you an example. A is for Apple, and B is for Ball. Well, this is easy, but the objects you come up with, should be one from out video. Now, didn't we make things a bit difficult and interesting. That's the beauty of songs, isn't it? Sit with your parents, and let us know all the objects you can come up with all the 26 letters. Let's get started!