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00:01 - Bob The Train | Alphabet Adventure
05:28 - Bob The Train | Alphabet Ride
07:55 - Bob The Train | Phonics Song
16:37 - Bob The Train | Numbers Song
18:20 - Bob The Train | Learn Numbers
20:32 - Bob The Train | Colorful Shapes
25:33 - Bob The Train | Shapes Train
28:51 - Bob The Train | Magical Land
37:01 - Bob The Train | Colors Ride
39:32 - Bob The Train | Space Adventure
43:45 - Bob The Train | Animal Sounds
47:06 - Bob The Train | Animals ABC Song
51:51 - Bob The Train | Transport
54:23 - Bob The Train | Numbers Counting Ride
58:14 - Bob The Train | Wheels On The Train

With parents realizing the growing importance of learning the alphabets, we thought, why shouldn't we do something special to help you to teach and your little ones to learn their ABC's. And when it's time for something new and exciting, you know you can always count on Bob, the Train. So here he is again, with an alphabet adventure to spark the interest of learning the 26 letters of the alphabets, and improve your child's imagination and cognitive reasoning. Well, there's a lot of words, we've never used before. Don't worry kids, Bob doesn't use any big fancy words. He only knows one thing, that is to speak the language of educational rhymes, and we know that you toddlers love that more than anything. So now that the letters are all in hiding, let's go play seek! Hurrah!